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About us

         Wenzhou Xingyan Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise specializing in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of infrared temperature measurement products.

        The company is committed to the development of industrial infrared temperature measurement, infrared temperature measurement theory research results and industrial production and manufacturing combined, for a variety of temperature control environment to provide solutions, effectively improve the production speed and quality of products.

        Xingyan Technology production and sales of equipment including: Non-contact infrared temperature sensor, infrared thermal imager, precision thermocouple, heat resistance, optical fiber type thermometer, pressure sensors, temperature instruments, large screen temperature controller, temperature transmitter, temperature recorder, such as measurement and control equipment, and undertake various automation projects.

        At present, our infrared temperature sensors are widely used in modern industry, such as metallurgy, heat treatment, chemical industry, electric power, photovoltaic, cement, glass, vacuum furnace, casting, refractory materials, crystal materials production and other industries. Company sales cover the whole country, export to overseas countries.

         Facing the future, Xingyan will continue to focus on core technology, create customer value, achievement of employees, make contributions to society, is our eternal pursuit goal.